Winter Window, Queen`s Hotel

By Roddie McKenzie

Winter Window, Queens Hotel


From a lounge that once chattered with writers

I stare into the gloaming and hope for spring.

The words edge slowly onto the page like geese,

home over the fleeced fields.


The black dendrites of a tree insinuate

into the aching blue of a winter sky,

twisted, like a giant nerve cell.

Thoughts alight in the twilight,

roost like rooks on its branches.

Its trunk wired into in the Perth Rd.


In perspective,

it dwarfs the roof

of the University Tower, a table top hosting

the canting grey cake stands of satellite dishes

as they too listen

for inspiration,

from the heavens.



Morgan Tower across the street,

in the setting sun

an Oriental edifice,

despite its peh-domed roof.

It’s sandstone boulders sparkle


the regularity of the gentle convex façade and Venetian windows.

And topped–off by a Muslim-moon weathervane.


The traffic lights click time, dances in colour

solo-ing against the backing rhythmic hum of neon  signs above Iconic ,

glowing radioactive in the falling darkness.

A perfect navy sky arches overhead in the sub zeros.

My pint has gone in a wake of froth,

With the page full,

darkness falls.




©Roddie McKenzie 31/3/13