The Bells of Spring

By Roddie McKenzie


 The Bells of Spring      (Circle, Dickson Avenue and Ninewells Avenue).



in the silver bell of Invergowrie Bay,

chimes in another season

after the muted toll

of years so close behind.

Daffodils clatter out a cacophony,

a herd of cow bells

grazing on the circle.


From a benevolent denim blue dome,

thin jets of silver light

drizzle tiny footfalls on the retina,

joyous as the first steps of a child.

In this moment the carillon

starts anew.


Serotonin rises like sap,

bursting like buds of spring on the old trees

in this jaded forest of neurons.

spark plugs firing,

coughing life into this old vehicle.

Rev it up,

make the most of that ignition

into this heaven,

the only one

you can truly know.




Roddie McKenzie 7/4/14