Sunday afternoons

By Neil Whitton

Sunday afternoon? let’s play fitba

“Wha’ll be there”?, “thay twins across the road and their brothers ana.”

“Whit aboot thay big boys”?, “ach , they always bring the ba'”

“Is the gate open the day?”, “nah we’ll huv tae climb the wa'”

“Whit aboot the polis?”, “ach we’ll just run awa.”

“Wha’ll decide the teams?”, “the biggest o’ us a'”


“Eh want to be on your team”, ” but you nivir pass iz the ba'”!!!

“Eh near scored wi a heider?”, “aye but near ran intae the wa’!!!

“How lang does this gemme last?”,”’til we get shouted fae yer ma.”

“Eh scored fehv, whit aboot you?”, “och ┬álost coont at twenty-twa.”

“Are we getting juice on the way home?”.”aye, got ma bonus but dinnae tell ma.”

“Whit flavours are we gettin?”, ” Pineapple and Irn Bru ana.”

“Are we in time fir Scotsport?”, “aye an Glenn Michael ana.”

“Wonder whits fir tea”, ” dinna ken but it sure smells bra.”

“You lads been playin fitba?”, “aye an thanks fir makin tea ma.”

“I’m sure you boys are stehrvin and will put it a’ awa.'”