Oor Wullie

By Anna MacDonald

Tak’ a trip tae Albert Square

Ye’ll find Oor Wullie sittin’ there

Nae better place for him tae be

Than in his hame toun — Bonnie Dundee


He’s a DC Thomson lad

A credit tae The Sunday Post (I add)

His weekly comic-cartoon show

Gies readers a happy glow


Oor Wullie an’ his best pals

Love playin’ fitba’ in th’ street

Wi’ Fat Boab – Soapy Soutar an’ Wee Eck

They’re a mean team tae beat


Till PC Murdoch strolls alang

Tellin’ them they’re daein’ wrang

Harry (his West Highland terrier) barks

When they get up tae their schoolboy larks


He has a wee mouse ca’d Jeemy

Jeemy kens a’thin’ he says

An’ loves rinnin’ up and’ doon Oor Wullie’s airms

An’ hidin’ in th’ pooches o’ his claes


He disnae like a haircut

Loves Maw’s hame-made cakes

He’s aye there or there a’boot

Ev’ry time she bakes


He can bricht’n th’ dullest day

Charm spuggies frae th’ trees

Sittin’ quietly beside his bucket-seat

In buitts an’ dungarees


He’s a braw lad Oor Wullie

Proud o’ his Dundonian tongue

Weel-kent by the auld

And young