I remember a time…

By Jessie Fox

I remember a time in the 1950s. I had walked along past the fields where they say a boy had been drowned in a bottomless pit (a quarry). This is where Menzieshill is today. It was just past Elmwood Wrive. Me and my sister were jumping up and down on the wall of the cow’s field when a lady passing said, “you’ll fall!” I did fall into the field – right on to a cow pat! I broke my arm.

Meantime, it was true about the boy. he had been up there playing and fell in to the quarry. By the time help came it was too late and it took divers to find his body.

This is only one of many memories. Others were happier. I was still at primary at the time this happened and it stayed with me.

We lived in Gray Street, Lochee which was off South Road at one end and Liff road at the other. Nowadays, they had said they were going to renew old Lochee – that is rubbish. It is a sad place to be.