Caird park memories

By Neil Whitton

Schooldays spent at Linlathen High School, directly across from Caird park, sadly no longer there. I knew Caird park fairly well (or so i thought) until our school P.E. lesson involved cross country running around Caird Park. I discovered bits I hadn’t really gone into before and assumed I knew a few short-cuts around the park but, of course, my P.E. teachers had “been there,done that” so many times before and were able to pre-empt any attempts to cheat (moi???).

Many mis-spent days of youth battling with the rigours of the 9 hole golf course. Nowadays there is only one but back in the day there were two – yellow course and red course. We mainly opted for yellow because it was shorter and easier but ventured onto the red course occasionally, which took us dangerously close to Kirkton housing scheme, which presented all sorts of dangers to well behaved laddies fae Fintry.

Various funfairs and carnivals came and went over the teenage years and one was particularly memorable (around 14 yrs.of age) as I was allowed to go with just my friends.

But I guess my outstanding memory of Caird Park is the day it was the venue of our wedding. We were married and had the reception in Mains Castle. I think because it was local to ourselves and we had spent so much time in the park as kids, this all added to our memories of such a special day in our lives. We have wedding day photos of the bridal party, in all their finery, playing on the swing and see-saw.

We used to enjoy exploring the park when our kids came along as well so I guess Caird Park will always hold special memories for myself and my family.