Another View from the Bridge

By Roddie McKenzie

At the Fife end of the bridge
The monolith signposts,
a space age horizon at Stannergate:
Cathedral rigs soar,
Temples of engineering.
And in The Wellcome Centre, enzymes whizz molecules into money.
Finally, discovery has docked in Dundee.

The road bridge rockets me across the river,
on its flat, unyielding trajectory.
While the railway bridge`s feminine curve
girdles the city`s westward sprawl.
Approaching eyries of steeples stab the horizon.
In a sea of masonry,
the green isle of The Law struggles to stay above the terracotta tide.

Approaching Victorian cupolas and crenellated rooftops
write a rich history.
White rectangular tower blocks are printed in starker architecture.
Holes in the tapestry landscape,
They are gradually crumbling
Like rotten teeth.