A Stones throw away from the Home

By Les Lumb

On a hot summers evening in June a few of the orphanage lads were playing football for next weeks encounter against a team from the ferry.
Bob,Les and Alan were training and shooting in at the Goal near the High Wall which seperates the Home from next door neighbours.

Some of the other guys were fed up and decided to throw stones over the wall which was about 20 feet high.

On the other side of the wall mr McCutcheon was hoeing and pulling weeds out in his garden on this hot summers evening.Meanwhile Tam and Drew were finding it difficult getting the stones over this imposing wall.However they kept trying and eventually succeeded,Unfortunatly in the process some landed on the head of mr McCutcheon, shaking and angry with blood rushing from his head he shouted a few choice words at the orphan kids.

His son noticing what happened to his father ran into the house and Grabbed his air rifle,went to the Corner of the wall and railings of the home and started to fire at Les and Bob who decided to run towards the bushes to avoid being hit.Just as Bob Made it to the bushes he was hit in the arm by a pellet from Stephens rifle causing a lot of pain and blood to gush out.

Later that evening the guilty party Tam and Drew were heavily punished,Bob And Mr McCutcheon were attend to by the same nurse,A sling for Robert and a bandage for Mr McCutcheons head.Young Stephen had his rifle confiscated never to be used again.

The MCutcheon family were always distant and cold towards the Orphan Kids prior to this incident,but after Conversations with head matron they became more friendly,When after all Young Stephen was under age and it was against The law to carry an Air Rifle,His dad could have suffered consequences if the Head Matron told the Police.

In time Stephen did acknowledge the children and became good friends with some of them.

Story by Les  Lumb